Feed & Seed


At Amherst Supply, we provide everything you need to start and maintain your own chicken coop as well as raise other domestic fowl such as turkeys, ducks and geese. Savor the delectable flavor of farm-fresh eggs and free-range poultry raised on the feed of your choice. For farms large or small, or backyard coops, we have everything you need in order to build a thriving poultry population! Visit us in store, contact us for information, or shop online for your poultry needs.

Wild Birds

Come to Amherst Supply for the products you need in order to keep your wild birds returning no matter the weather or season. We provide a variety of fresh, high-quality seeds and mixtures, feeders and accessories. Visit us in store or shop online and choose from our large selection of seed and supplies for your wild bird needs!


You can rely on our balanced mixtures at Amherst Supply. Our pigeon feeds contain the right nutrients in a composition precisely tailored to your pigeons’ needs in the moulting, breeding, and racing period. With our feed, your pigeons will stay fit and perform better all year round! Shop online or visit us in-store for your pigeon feed and supplies today!


Do you have cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, or a mixed brood? At Amherst Supply, we provide the feed and accessories for your largest to smallest livestock at all stages of development. We have amazing customer service to help you find what you need, and if we don’t carry it, we will bring it in for you! We accommodate large farm owners, small hobby farmers and livestock pet owners. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our feed or need advice on livestock care requirements. Our staff would be happy to assist you!

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