Winter/Snow Removal Products

We at Amherst Supply want to make sure that you get to enjoy the winter season with peace of mind. That's why we carry snow removal products to tackle even the toughest winters. We've got a wide range of sizes and styles of Garant snow shovels to help you clear your driveway or sidewalk with ease. We also carry Windsor Ice Melt and Safe-T-Salts to prevent ice from forming and melt it away easily. And don't forget about your vehicles—we carry scrapers and windshield wiper fluid for them, too!

Don't see what you're looking for? We can special order it for you! We have access to different items you might need this winter—whether it's a snow blower or something else entirely.

Don't let the weather stop you from enjoying your outdoor space this winter. Shop now for everything you need for a smooth winter season.

Broil King BBQs

Broil Kings are built by Canadians to perform optimally through all four Canadian seasons. They are one of the top selling brands, and last a very, very long time (even 25 years later). For their prices, they are a great value and offer many impressive accessories designed so you can fit them in your Broil King in so many ways. Regardless of the model you choose, you can cook just about anything you want with the Broil King cooking system! Every part of the cooking system has a specific purpose, from the design to the engineering. Visit us today for a grill built to provide exceptional and incomparable cooking versatility with the accessories to go along with it!

Landscape Supplies

Come to Amherst Supply for the necessary landscaping tools and materials you’ll require to accomplish the look you want for your property. Whether you’re landscaping for practical purposes such as shade, preventing flooding/erosion or simply wanting to beautify your home exterior, our dedicated staff can assist you in choosing the right tools and materials needed to make your landscaping dreams come true! Give your home the curb appeal you’ve been dreaming of and visit us today!

Home & Garden

Amherst Supply offers many products needed in order to maintain and improve your home and garden. We stock a wide selection of products including garden tools, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, hoses, nozzles and watering equipment, home maintenance and repair tools, animal repellents and traps, pest and insect control, with access to an even wider selection through special order. We appreciate the importance of maintaining a well-kept home and garden, and our amazing staff is ready to assist you with all of your needs! Visit us today or contact us for more information!

Seed & Fertilizer

At Amherst Supply, we offer well-structured grass seed mixtures that are custom designed for specific lawn use. Some of our seed mixtures include ‘Traditional’ which is great for patching up spots or establishing a new lawn, ‘Premium’ which performs well on any soil type, and ‘Overseed’ which is ideal for overseeding an existing lawn, just to name a few! We also offer vegetable seeds, fertilizers and weed control. Visit us in-store and talk to our staff for expert advice on your lawn care needs. We are here to help!