Kitchen & Bath

Although kitchen renovations can be expensive, they are considered one of the best investments you can make in your home. An important step when renovating your kitchen is to plan your project carefully, and our team of dedicated workers at Amherst Supply can guide you through this process.

We’ve partnered with Cabinetsmith and Kitchen Craft to offer stylish, affordable, quality cabinetry for clients of every budget and design preference!


At Amherst Supply, we also have all of the hardware and accessories you’ll need for your bathroom renovations. Whether it’s a new vanity, bathtub or shower, different flooring, paint colours, new lights or fixtures, our store can provide and assist you in finding what's right for you!

Brands We Carry

Improve your kitchen and bath with the help of our Design Specialist, Bichoy Rizk. Request a quote today and let Bichoy help you design and install the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams!